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Across all sectors of industry, from cement, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, petrochemical, food and drink, we provide our customers with a large range of services backed by our proven track record in delivering complex and demanding projects around the world.

We take care of the entire project development cycle from business strategy to operation and maintenance. We provide a comprehensive suite of fully integrated, multi-disciplinary services including feasibility and front end design, facilities engineering, process design, project management, containment engineering and validation.

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    • In the petrochemical sector, our company has market leading positions in asset development, asset support and specialist services.

      Our asset development and asset support capability incorporates programme and project management skills, engineering services, and in some cases projects delivery.

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    • In the oil & gas sector, TPF Group has market leading positions as turnkey contractor.

      For TPF Group the concept of contracting goes much further than technical service. It covers not o­nly the conception and implementation of turnkey industrial installations, the study of their economic feasibility, but also the financing and management of the projects.

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    • Our company can provide an integrated range of engineering and management services in the cement sector. We can provide feasibility studies, planning, design, engineering, construction management, and asset management.

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    • Our architects and engineers have been offering solutions to our clients in the agro-food sector, many of them based on long-term agreements. Not only we offer custom-made technical solutions and flexibility through complete studies in different kind of disciplines, but also take into consideration the esthetical part of the production or processing plant, i.e. the new business card of our clients.

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    • Our company assesses, designs and manages the investment projects for its clients which range from small family businesses to major producers and distributors and international financial organisations.

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