E & L Architects - Article in Warsaw Voice, February 5, 2010


Tulipan House at No 50 Domaniewska Street, an architectural pearl in the environment of office dullness.

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    Among the buildings which are not much attractive in respect of their architecture and simply resemble huge boxes with windows, there are some exceptions. Such is the Tulipan House at No 50 Domaniewska Street. This is an architectural pearl in the environment of office dullness. The building has been designed on the plan of a flower calyx and its focal point is the atrium entrance, the most impressive-looking part of the building – says Dariusz Leszczyński, an architect from the E&L Architects office. An atrium is something which is rarely found in Polish office buildings, it is usually treated as something which contributes to a loss of office space that might be leased. The aesthetic considerations are the least important factor for the lessees – the architect explains. What is interesting however, is that the cost of construction of an office building of this kind is not higher at all, so theoretically there should be no obstacles for such office areas to be architecturally interesting. So why aren't they? – Unfortunately in Poland you do not have to compete in respect of the form to lease a building on profitable terms. Simple boxes commercialize very well, in fact it is only the attractive location that counts – explains Leszczyński.

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