The TPF-group not o­nly builds projects but also operates them.

Often, the operational costs over the lifetime of a project have a big repercussion o­n its profitability.A good operation is important. Therefore, TPF also puts her know-how to the client's disposal with regard to operating the installation.

When outsourcing the operation, TPF takes the total responsibility for the budget and the quality of the operation. An outsourcing contract is tailor-made and the interests for the customer are many :

  • Cost restructuring : outsourcing makes costs more predictable since unit prices are fixed and guaranteed by TPF;
  • Improved quality through guaranteed service level agreements;
  • Access to know-how and operational expertise that otherwise would be too difficult or time-consuming to develop in-house;
  • Catalyst for change : the installations are constantly optimized and increasingly made more efficient (better performance and/or lower cost);
  • Risk management : the financial and technical risks are taken over by TPF;
  • Flexibility and capacity management :installations can be adapted according to a change in product mix or varying quantities.

It is imperative that the collaboration is concentrated o­n the concept of progress and improvement both financially and technically.Service level agreements guarantee the results in terms of price and quality/technical performance.

Optionally, TPF also offers financing that can be included in the overall package.

References o­n some of our outsourcing projects can be found at TPF-Utilities.

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