TPF's Group is committed to high standards of corporate governance.

These principles involve that:

- Each company of the Group adopts a clear governance structure.

- Each company of the Group has an effective and efficient Board taking decisions in the corporate interest.

- All Directors demonstrate integrity and commitment.

- Each Board shall set up specialised committees.

- Each company of the Group defines a clear executive management structure.

- Each company of the Group respects the rights of all shareholders and encourages their participation.

TPF's Group believes that good corporate governance creates a proper balance between entrepreneurship and control as well as between performance and conformance.

TPF's Group also believes that Governance practises, based o­n transparency and accountability will reinforce the confidence of investors by improving economic efficiency and growth and protecting private investments.

Good governance is also about the contribution of every employee at all levels of the Company, in its daily work environment to achieve a balance between performance, risk and control.

As a services company, we believe that a strong culture of corporate governance and ethical behaviour and decision-making is fundamental to the way we do business.

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