TPF is born in 1991 through the integration of three companies (Econoler and the engineering consultancies Geocal and E + I).

Originally, it mainly focused on energy and third party financing, i.e. the realisation and the financing of investments in energy efficiency. From this concept, which was very innovative at the time, its name was created.

While maintaining its core business, TPF has rapidly developed on the engineering market. Over the years, thanks to a series of acquisitions, the group has expanded abroad and today is among the most important multidisciplinary firms active in this sector.

TPF, the headquarter of which is found in Belgium, is now established in 40 countries.  

TPF is a single partner, able to take on a project from start to finish in a variety of sectors: whether it's an engineering project, assisting the contract authority, technical studies, expertise or consultancy or project management, TPF makes available to you its highly skilled architects and engineers.

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