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TPF Group is a engineering, architecture, management and consultancy group. Our consultants provide a wide range of technical expertise in several countries across the world thus offering the best results to our clients.

  • SMITS-Danzas

    Thanks to its experience and its know-how, TPF Group is able to take the responsibility for all phases of a project: from feasibility study to performance monitoring, including drawing-up the specifications, from tendering procedures, site supervision, commissioning and start-up as well as operation.

  • Batoy Office

    In the field of architecture, the TPF Group operates primarily in the real estate sector and more specifically in offices and business parks, shopping centres, supermarkets and residential complexes. TPF Group has also a number of industrial references, like distribution centres and production units. 


    TPF has been involved in projects with great complexity, either in the technical and logistical aspects or in financial terms. The application of modern management techniques and systems, to the execution of a project from start to finish, to achieve predetermined objectives of quality, time and cost, defines the quality of service that TPF has been performing. 


    The TPF Group has been working, o­n an international scale, for about half a century as a Turnkey Contractor. For the TPF Group the concept of contracting goes much further than technical services. It covers not o­nly the conception and implementation of turnkey industrial installations, the study of their economic feasibility, but in some cases the financing and management of the projects.

  • Cópia de Gensabón

    TPF Group, operates and/or finance either totally or partially the implementation  of renewable energy projects. The reimbursement of the investment is usually long term and proportional to the production or savings obtained.

  • Site des grands prés1

    TPF Group has expertise and experience in the planning, development and architectural design of projects in the real estate sector.

  • ECON-Ipalle1

    The TPF-group not o­nly builds projects but also operates them.

    Often, the operational costs over the lifetime of a project have a big repercussion o­n its profitability.A good operation is important. Therefore, TPF also puts her know-how to the client's disposal with regard to operating the installation.

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